Faring Through the Ages - Rising Tide Productions

Reviewed By Bob Evans

KC Applauds

Writer’s memories cloud pain, reality
When pen goes to paper, sometimes the truth changes at the hands of the author in efforts to make a story more attractive, more engaging, and sometimes to cover for insecurities or unpleasant weaknesses.
“Faring through the Ages” allows new voice, author Emmaline McCabe, to create a story about a writer who avoids some past unpleasant encounters from her earlier years.  In this short video for the 2021 KC Fringe Festival, a writer and her roommate find current relationships affected by past injuries.
In the first lines of the video viewers learn that the storyteller is an author who admits to some painful memories.  As she delves into the story, her roommate appears and imparts some of his past pain.  Together, viewers engage in their stories to learn of the damage that parents, adoptive parents, friends, and classmates created.  Their stories paint a picture of young adults trying to make sense of the past while looking toward their futures.
The story digs into their histories to explain baggage they tote from day to day.  As viewers see, unintended situations manifest future outcomes.  Expect lots of adult language, alcohol and drug misuse.
The show brings KC Fringe 2021 a new voice and two relative new actors, all who show promise.  McCabe’s actors, Briana Van Deusen and Austin Taylor Smith perform well under Casey Jane’s direction.