Home is Where the Haunt is - Sadie & Melvin Teel

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Fringe Reviewer

“Home is Where the Haunt Is” by Sadie and Melvin Teel takes viewers to Bobby’s house. Bobby is lonely, suffering from anxiety and hearing things. Could she be turning into her crazy mother, or is there another explanation? Bobby tries to ground herself in reality by channel surfing on her living room TV. Not even the can bracket on the Man Babies show can distract her from her doldrums (but this can-tastic show within a show may induce giggles from the audience!).


Nine minutes in, the perspective of the video changes. Bobby becomes a background prop and three ghosts plus a demon appear. But these are not ordinary ghosts, they are the stars of their own sitcom complete with a laugh track. Cartoon-like video settings make the actors look like supernatural beings creating a simple but effective, low-budget special effect.


Viewers that are fans of campy, laugh-track sitcoms will find the script and ghosts antics amusing.¬† Viewers that don’t care for that genre might not like this show as much. Both types of viewers, however, will appreciate the clever concept, changing perspectives, and creativity that went into this show.