IFCKC Presents: Film at the FRINGE - Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City

Reviewed By Barbara Dooley

Fringe Reviewer

IFCKC offers a showcase each year during the Fringe. It is always interesting, offering a mix of experimental short films, documentary shorts, comedy, drama, and horror, often featuring local actors.
This year’s entry is no exception. There are some standouts: “Stories without words: Christian Zehnder” is a fascinating short profiling a Swiss performance artist, trained as a classical and jazz singer, who uses found objects and the environment to create immersive and musical art experiences to engage people.  “Opal Dockery, The Old Strippler” is a loving look by a son at his mother during a journey he takes with her revisiting venues she had once performed in. “Painkiller” is a strong and moving story by Jeff David with excellent production values and performances.
For those interested in film, there is variety and some truly excellent work to be found in this year’s IFCKC entry.