Molière Than Thou - Tim Mooney

Reviewed By Bob Evans

For a good start to the 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival, try “Molière Than Thou” by Tim Mooney that offers a fun look at the famous French playwright and some of his most distinguished characters. A group of Kansas City artists and enthusiasts have been planning a 400th birthday celebration to honor the comedy master. Mooney said that he saw their plans and decided to write a piece around the famous playwright and actor. The Fringe show encourages everyone to enjoy the rhyme, meter, delivery, expression, and presentation of the comedy master. As Molière, Mooney dons an assortment of colorful characters and delivers their dialogues with flair and panache. His skills at captivating an audience shine in this video version that trains the ear of the viewer to listen to the beat and rhyme scheme of Molière. Even individuals who do not know the master of French theatre will enjoy “Molière Than Thou” and find themselves falling under the spell of both Molière and Mooney. You may even find yourself trying to figure out the next rhyme as the delivery engages the viewer so much. As a video presentation, the words and characterizations become stronger because the viewer can see and hear the words without other distractions. Each word is clear from start to finish and the overall show makes viewers want to see a Molière piece. As the master of comedy and farce, Molière’s plays have been translated and performed world-wide. By Mooney encapsulating an assortment of classic characters, the viewer gets a glimpse into several famous pieces. So, if you have seen a Molière comedy or farce, this show jogs your memory. If you have not, this one-hour piece encourages you to watch for one to be produced. As for the writer/actor, Tim Mooney always brings a strong piece to KC’s Fringe Festivals, and this is one of his best. It is certainly his funniest in the last 5-6 years. His acting, facial expressions, characterizations are amazing. “Molière Than Thou” awaits. Don’t miss this one.

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