On the Concept of Irony (with No Reference to Socrates) - Maximum Verbosity

Reviewed By Barbara Dooley

Fringe Reviewer

Perennial Fringe favorite, phillip andrew bennett low is back this year with one of his strongest offerings to date. Lowe is able to use the digital environment to enhance his storytelling to great effect. The backgrounds are visually interesting and fit the words and action. The music adds emphasis at times and helps drive the story arc.
This is a set of short pieces delivered by a master storyteller with great verbal dexterity and timing.
Lowe writes about his arts identity “Maximum Verbosity” on his website:” “…if Maximum Verbosity is about anything, it’s about the idea that words are important.”
In a period in our history where words have become debased, devalued, and demonized, here is an artist who values words and shares it with his audiences.