One Easy Lie - Martin Dockery

Reviewed By Barbara Dooley

Fringe Reviewer

Brooklyn-based Martin Dockery is a theater artist who has won innumerable accolades for his storytelling and one-man shows in the last decade. The pandemic exiled him to Montauk, NY and he has spent over a year separated from his home and the surrounding Long Island community.
The result of this is his Fringe entry, “One Easy Lie,” a 90-minute rambling monologue about some true and not-so-true-events which happened to him one evening, accompanied by an unrelenting musical score.
Mr. Dockery is a talented artist who is off his game this year. I trust we will see him back with strong shows in the future. Btw: One calls East Hampton Animal Control (not the police department) when animals are involved. (An inside joke.)