ROAR: A New Musical - Bodhi Theater

Reviewed By Bob Evans

KC Applauds

“ROAR: A New Musical” debuts at KC Fringe Festival
A special new musical for families of all ages, “ROAR: A New Musical” makes its debut at the 2021 KC Fringe Festival with a story about clowns, a circus, and dancing bears.
The show, locally written and developed, tells the story of a young bear with dreams beyond her reach.  Sarah wants to showcase her talents as both a dancing and singing bear in a world where dancing remains the limit of a bear’s talent.  Sarah knows differently and wants to prove her abilities.
While the circus appears the best opportunity for Sarah, she receives continued advice from others that bears only dance and humans do not and will not allow bears to perform else-wise.  And, so it goes as Sarah falls prey to evil clowns who run the circus.  But, through adversity, the strong-willed prevail.
Kevin and Allison Cloud wrote the story, music and lyrics for “ROAR” and developed the show through local workshops and readings prior to its filming for the KC Fringe Festival.  The show features a cast of Kansas City performers and creative artists who presented the musical.
Directed by Heidi Van and music direction by Jeremy Watson, “ROAR” comes to the stage with a full creative team:  Stage Manager, Shayla Leggs; Assistant Stage Manager & Video Editor, Matthew Koehler; Lighting Design, Micah Thompson; Sound Design, Mark Johnson; Costume Design, Athena Louise Hyacinth; and Set Design, Heidi Van.
The cast is:  Darcie Hingula as Sarah, Cameron Mabie as Joey, Jasmine Lowe as Mama/Bonnie, Robert Hingula as Papa/Harold, Tim Ahlenius as Clarence, Cody Boehm as Daisy, Timothy Houston as Reggie, Brock Hatton as Frankie, Kirsten Nicole Myers as Lulu, Spencer Thompson as Evil Clown Joe.
Expect and hear great voices in this show that features the younger artists as the leads.  Their strong voices let audiences know their voices will ring out in upcoming years in the KC theatre world.
With a simple story-line, “ROAR” can be enjoyed by children through adults.  “ROAR” is a KC Fringe show that entertains all ages.