Safe - FMG

Reviewed By Bob Evans

KC Applauds

Italian entry examines isolation in ‘Safe’
During 2020, the COVID pandemic forced many to remain isolated and alone, with a fear of the virus, the care necessary to fight the virus, and precautions that forced the shut downs and cancellations of so many events–including the local fun frenzy of rushing from one show to the next  for the traditional Kansas City Fringe Festival.
This year, again, the Fringe Festival provides Kansas City Fringers many exciting selections with its video format.  KC Fringe continued the video format from last year which now attracts foreign entries, like “Safe,” from Italy, to submit videos to our local festival. The Italian dramatic entry, “Safe,” captures the isolation many felt during the cold, winter months.
“Safe” focuses on a young nun who finds herself stranded in a mountain-top cabin with no help around, dwindling food and water, and facing death–alone.  In the well-written script, a young nun confronts her past, her present, and her current despair.
The dramatic story, a one-woman-show, a story of a nun takes viewers into her world and the fears she faces.  The nun conveys her past, and her choice to follow God.  But now, she questions if her choice was right and if God really listens to and grants prayerful requests.
The powerful script and a strong acting performance make this a great video for the KC Fringe. The video looks at the fear of being alone and stranded in ways no one intends.  The 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival invites viewers  on a journey to an isolated cabin where only hope and prayer provide solace.  “Safe” includes some strong language in a solid dramatic story.