The CommUNITY Dance Cypher - Maya Tillman-Rayton

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Fringe Reviewer

“The CommUNITY Dance Cypher” by Maya Tillman-Rayton brings high-energy hip hop and street moves to the Kansas City Fringe Fest. This collection of performances features a diverse group of dancers from Kansas City and Lawrence. The show is divided into 5 acts each centered around the theme of a dance cypher, defined as a gathering of dancers participating in dance. A cypher builds community since spectators are invited to join the circle and participate in the joy of movement.

Maya’s show delivered on the cypher theme. The choreography often featured individual dancers coming together through movement, separating, and then reuniting. In act 4, “It Takes a Village”, there was an actual audience of dancers that decided to join in the dance circle.

Audiences will enjoy the high-energy hip hop and street dance moves. They will also love the diversity of the races, body types, and ages of the dancers brought together in  “CommUNITY.”  A happy vibe radiated from the dancers.

Different camera angles and video effects were effectively used in 4 of the acts but the first act was filmed using a single angle over two nights of rehearsals. The camera needed to be closer to the dancers or different filming techniques used.

Overall, audiences will enjoy “The CommUNITY Dance Cypher”. This reviewer danced in their seat and joined the cypher virtually!