The Most Random Sketch Show with Kat & Sarah - Yaskween Productions

Reviewed By Teresa Leggard

Fringe Reviewer

What do you get when you combine improv, sketch comedy, topical content, race awareness, local jokes, and supportive performers? You get The Most Random Comedy Sketch Show with Kat & Sarah from Yaskween Productions. Katherine “Kat” Garry, Sarah Menez, and Robert Coppage III (with a little help from Shenez Blanton and Shereese Murphy) pack 30 minutes with more than a half dozen bits—some hits, some misses, but all delivered with heart and enthusiasm.

Filmed mostly at the Black Box on Troost, the ensemble takes viewers through a whirlwind of scenarios: from an awful audition to a break-in-turned-therapy session a to a nearly deathly turn with baked goods. It’s a little tougher to fully appreciate the on-your-toes nature of this kind of performance as a prerecording, but there are certainly some standout moments. The strongest sketches utilize the entire ensemble when they can react to each other and benefit from one another’s energy instead of that of a crowd. From white socks to gray sweatpants to Black Lives Matter, The Most Random Comedy Sketch Show with Kat & Sarah is a silly but thoughtful work.