This Podcast is Uncalled for with Patrick Poe and Mike Czerniewski - Mike Czerniewski

Reviewed By Bob Evans

KC Applauds

Fringe features several local podcasts
Very different from other types of KC Fringe Festival shows, “This Podcast is Uncalled for with Patrick Poe and Mike Czerniewski” bring something new for 2021.
Host Mike Czerniewski interview guests on his show that’s a kind of open microphone with video added.  In one particular podcast, he interviews Patrick Poe, a local film-maker and stand up comic.
The podcast is different in that viewers do not need to focus on their monitors to screens and can simply listen as the show continues.  While watching (and this shows my advanced age) I was reminded of a local TV show from decades ago, “The Sportsman’s Friend with Harold Ensley.”  I was also reminded of telephone party lines when I could life the receiver and listen in on two peoples’ conversation.  This Fringe show gives good information about the local film community and information to access some local, independent films
Two persons talk and explore a topic of interest that Czerniewski chooses to highlight on his regular podcast.  In this case, he chose a local independent film makes with a total of six feature films.