#txtzero - Brian Feldman Projects

Reviewed By Bob Evans

KC Applauds

No script creates funny Performance Art
When words fail me, this reviewer wrestles for any words to describe a humorous entry in the 2021 Fringe Festival that has no script, no words, and allows a comic performance to stretch into the absurd.
“Brian Feldman produces, directs, and stars in a film adaptation of one of his signature projects for the 2021 KC Virtual Fringe Festival. “#txtzero” is an art film featuring a mysterious character named txt (pronounced “text”) who sits at a desk waiting for a script to arrive,” so says the blurb provided by the KC Fringe Festival.
Get it?  There ain’t no words.  Brian Feldman stars in this performance art of the absurd.  It’s not mime.  It’s not physical comedy.  It’s Performance Art.  It’s experimental theatre that will make viewers laugh as they get into the show.
How many know “The Waiting Game?  It’s the game you play every time you await something to happen.  What Feldman does with just facial expression is a marvel to watch.  The performance made this viewer recall Barbra Streisand in “Funny Girl” when she’s auditioning for a part in a show.  In the song, “I’m the Greatest Star,” she begins, “I got 36 expressions, from sweet as pie to tough as leather; and, that’s 6 expressions more than all those Barrymores put together.”
Feldman has more than 36 expressions. Each expression leads viewers to understand his off-beat comedy. He’s a clown without makeup.  His performance for the 2021 KC Fringe Festival takes viewers on his journey through The Waiting Game.