Worst Cruises Ever - Mike Speller

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

KC Fringe Reviewer

Worst Cruises Ever

In “Worst Cruises Ever” Mike Speller spins two sea-faring tales. The first one is a tragedy of a Dutch ship encountering and reliving a nightmare and the second is an imaginative retelling of the Odyssey.


Mike is an engaging storyteller and actor. His facial expressions and body language enhanced the story and the sound effects plus the props added a nice touch.


The tone of his voice in the first story drew me in and held my attention. Mike was transformed from a storyteller into a sailor reading letters to home. With each letter and each ringing of the ship bell, additional details about their sad journey were revealed.


The second story was my favorite. It was a clever, wacky version of Homer’s classic the Odyssey. There were the classic characters reimagined with pop culture references and quotes randomly sprinkled in. A highlight for me was the Athena character. What better way to deliver knowledge to our modern-day Odysseus (aka Bob the Baker) than to have Athena be a snarky version of Alexis/Siri.


Even though I enjoyed the second story, I thought it went on too long. Shortening the story would have made it better in my opinion. Overall though it was time well spent especially if you are a fan of the classics.