2022 Marketing Questionnaire

In this form you will submit the show title, description and image that will be used for our website, ticketing platform and digital program. It is important that you put considerable time into developing these components before submitting this questionnaire.

If you have any questions about what makes a good show description, image and how to do basic marketing, please attend our Artist Q&A sessions live and on zoom. Sunday April 24th 2pm. Location TBD. It will also be on zoom and we will record this meeting and share this.

Primary Contact

All Fringe Festival correspondence will be sent to the primary contact person. Only the primary contact person is authorized to submit material or make changes to the show and company information. Please fill out this section with the information that matches your submissions on your initial application.
Primary Contact

Show Information

DO NOT SUBMIT A PLACEHOLDER OR "WORKING DRAFT" OF ANY OF THESE ELEMENTS. As soon as it is submitted, Fringe has limited time to edit, upload, and publish the information across all of our platforms. You will have a chance to do limited editing of these titles and descriptions prior to publication, but we will not be able to make significant changes.
SHOW IMAGES IN THE PRINTED PROGRAM ARE SQUARE. Your show image should be a 3 inch square, or 900 pixels x 900 pixels. You do not need to include the title, venue, or show dates in your image, since that information will accompany the image.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
Enter it exactly you want it to appear in the program and marketing materials
Enter it exactly you want it to appear in the program and marketing materials
If applicable
If your show is not from the Greater Kansas City area, what city is it from?
This will be used to describe your production in our digital program, on our website and in any other promotional materials. There is a 500 character limit. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, length and suitable content. Please proofread your description before you submit, and then proofread it again.
Cast and Crew
Please include any cast and crew you want to be listed on the website
Past Shows
If you have produced any other Fringe shows in the past, please list them here.
Is this an original work?
Is this a premiere?
Content Warning
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