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Reviewed By Kat Whalen

Fringe Reviewer

The Hip-Hop Musical “40.4.40" is simply the best performance this reviewer has seen at the Fringe festival this year. This was a fully fledged production, complete with a decorated stage, lighting, props, and a band (uncredited, but dubbed the "Chocolateers"). Donald Paul Jones is a superb story-teller who knows how to hook his audience, and has a story that, while personal, will resonate with almost anyone.

The gist of the story is that Donald Paul has reached 40 without realizing his dreams as a hip-hop artist. He has risked everything for a last shot at a career, and is preparing for a show to take place that night. In an introspective mood, he gives us a brief autobiography, moving seamlessly between spoken word and musical interludes. In a brief 50 minutes he tells—and sings--stories from his childhood, about his parents and girlfriends, career missteps, and ultimately, his decision to risk everything in the service of his goal. And with a production this skilled, delivery so adept, and persona so engaging, he is assured of success! Go see this show—you'll be moved, excited, and finally, inspired to revisit your dreams as well.

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