Aureate - The Pilot Dance Company

Reviewed By Dan Mroz

Fringe Reviewer

“Aureate,” a program of modern dance, uses six dancers, music, and minimalistic lighting and props, to create dreamlike sequences that allow viewers their own unique interpretation. Choreographers Adam Castan͂eda and Ashley Horn have created five separate dances, influenced by traumatic social events but imbued with enough ambiguity so as to not direct the audience to a foregone emotional conclusion. Dancers Eva Jin, Jaredd Martin, Hannah Dunning, Courtney Sherman-Allen, Stormie Holmes, and Castan͂eda skillfully bring the audience into this meditative space.

Two dances particularly resonated with this reviewer. In one, two visible dancers evoke the beauty and mystery that permeates the creation and sustenance of a loving relationship. In the second, a solo dancer cloaked in darkness ,seems to present a chilling rendering of the darker side of humanity. The choreography of these two appeared more focused and offered the audience a visceral connection. The remaining dances are more nuanced and intimated their potential themes.

Based on a full-length production, “Aureate” nonetheless transports to a seldom visited place of reflection and stillness and stands on its own as a complete aesthetic and dramatic experience.

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