Big Dad Energy - Jamie Campbell

Reviewed By Dave Schrag

Fringe Reviewer

Comedian Jamie Campbell brought positive laugh-out-loud “Big Dad Energy” to the Unicorn Theater on Saturday night. In a wide-ranging set, Campbell covered a variety of topics under the umbrella of his larger theme of fatherhood—or rather, his realization that he will most likely never be a father because of his age.

Campbell lit the comedy flame early with a clever opening rap number before immediately launching into some funny rapid-fire riffing over various subjects, including his generation's tolerance of school corporal punishment and nearly getting the paddle from a teacher in a janitor’s closet , working at Claire’s Boutique, and Generation Z’s progressive approach to mental health versus that of his own Generation X.

Campbell’s comedic pace was hilariously frenetic, but he deliberately slowed his talk to discuss his sense of loss at most likely missing out on fatherhood. What could have been a downer of a segment remarkably remained an uplifting and sensitive take on alternative ways for a childless person to leave their legacy. Campbell’s solution is to “spread a bit of joy to strangers” as a comedian. On Saturday night, Jamie Campbell spread lots of joy to strangers. The audience’s consistent laughter showed why he need not worry about leaving a legacy.

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