Breakneck Comedy of Errors - Timothy Mooney

Reviewed By Isaac Robinson

Fringe Reviewer

One Shakespeare play, 13 characters, and one man performing it all with a knack for humor and charisma. For over 20 years Tim Mooney has been delighting audiences with his “Breakneck Shakespeare” series, including "Hamlet," "Julius Caesar," and the production he is currently presenting, "Comedy of Errors." With humor and intelligence on his side, Mooney delivers a commedia dell'arte-inspired performance and explanation of Shakespeare’s shortest yet most confusing script.

The absurd has been a staple of Shakespeare’s conceptual palette within all of his works and Mooney presents it as the primary drive in "Comedy of Errors." His satirical narrations and expertly comedic physicality are what create an atmosphere of amplified absurdity. The script itself is one of Shakespeare’s more difficult ones to follow in terms of plot, but Mooney is able to explain and explore it in a thorough yet accessible way. Newcomers to Shakespeare will find joy in the humorous narrative and Shakespeare veterans will find joy in the absurdity being unveiled before you. From the multitude of hilarious accents to Sean Connery as the merchants, every aspect culminates into a sensical encapsulation of Shakespeare’s most chaotic comedy.

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