Chaos Ensues - Warehouse Ensemble

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Fringe Reviewer

High energy, absurd humor, and a group of perfectly cast performers deliver in "Chaos Ensues" from the Warehouse Ensemble. This hilarious play, co-written by Austin Taylor Smith and co-written and directed by Jordan Malone, reveals the chaos that ensues when three dates show up the same evening at Sam's apartment. Sam must juggle the three men with the help of her best friend and roommate, Boy Sam, and the devilish advice of her Wiccan sister Stella. Who will Sam end up with? Could it be Scott, the douchebag fitness guru, or Stevie, the straight-laced tech professional with a fondness for Jenga? Perhaps Scooter, the Daddy John's pizza delivery guy, will win Sam's love, or could there be someone else?

The physical comedy was effectively silly and generated audience laughter from the beginning to the end of the production. The performers were funny and played off each other to amplify the humor. While all the performers were engaging, several performances stood out. Bethany Elliott shines and channels Lucille Ball as Sam. Austin Taylor Smith as Boy Sam is relatable to any guy that wants to be more than a best friend. As Scott with his ultra-deep lunges and tiny orange running shorts, Ethan Shaffer plays the ultimate douchebag dude. Stealing the scene and making the audience laugh just by his presence and expressions was Travis Hampton as Scooter the pizza guy.

Get ready to have a multiple belly laugh evening!

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