Escape - Lezlie Revelle Zucker

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

In “Escape,” a high school counselor, stay-at-home mom, a blogger, and a software game developer are trapped in a house and must find a way out with the help of their host and guide. The situation seems like a typical escape room with puzzles to solve, or is it? And what are those sounds coming from the third floor? As spaces are explored, careers and relationships are questioned, secrets are revealed, and tension builds.

The concept was clever and engaging. The all-female cast did a fine job developing their characters and building suspense along with the relationships between the characters. The script leaves audiences guessing until the end.

Lezlie Revelle Zucker produced, directed, and wrote the play, the first show she has taken from inception to completion. Seeing emerging artists fulfill one of their creative dreams is what Fringe is all about and this is an entertaining and accomplished example.