Exit, Pursued by the Bard - Harold Hynick

Reviewed By Kelly Luck

Fringe Reviewer

Harold Hynick first came under the spell of Shakespeare in high school when he was given a portion of Macbeth to read. Since then, his love of the bard has deepened over the years to the point where he made it his life’s work to bring that love to others. In his one-man show, he talks about the history of the man, discusses the authorship controversy, and describes how his love of Shakespeare’s works got him through one of the worst moments of his life.

Mr. Hynick is a compelling presence onstage, and his obvious love for his subject matter is infectious. The author who gave us so much of our language and expressed the universal in terms of the immortal has left an indelible mark upon our world, and we are the better for it. We are not pursued by the bard; wherever we go, he is already there, waiting for us.

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