Fire in the Meth Lab - Jon Bennett

Reviewed By Kelly Luck

Fringe Reviewer

Jon Bennett is a storyteller from Australia, a man who grew up in the outback with his religious parents (his father was a minister) and elder brother Tim. It is the relationship with his brother that is the primary focus of the performance. He talks about the chaotic relationship between the two, being the little brother who idolized the elder and desperately wanting the sort of brothers-as-best-friends relationship that so rarely comes in the real world.
Bennett traces his brother’s development and the rise of his addictive personality through the different stages of their childhood and eventually adulthood, culminating in a harrowing experience when the home Tim uses as a meth lab goes up in flames – and things only get worse from there. It’s a harrowing tale, but told with humor and skill. He even tells a few tales on himself as the evening goes on, sharing stories in a this-doesn’t-leave-this-room sort of way.

“Fire” is an entertaining show, occasionally harrowing, often funny, sometimes quite shocking but never dull. Worth seeing.

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