Head Stuff - J. T. Nagle

Reviewed By Dave Schrag

Fringe Reviewer

It’s evident when a performer truly enjoys plying their craft. Comedian and storyteller J.T. Nagle brought energy and enthusiasm to the Bird Comedy Theater on Sunday evening, and the result was an entertaining hour that seemed to be as much fun for Nagle as it was for his audience.

Among other anecdotes and props, Nagle used his background in debate, his 4th grade school picture, a dog shock collar, a story about making the cut for a track team from which nobody gets cut, and the participation of a few audience members, to broadly reflect on the nature of belief. Despite the metaphysical overtones, the subject matter thankfully never got too deep, although Nagle demonstrated some sneakily impressive math skills in calculating the price per ounce of a favorite beverage.

J.T. Nagle has clearly performed this show many times as evidenced by his flawless comedic timing and confident delivery. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm was genuine for both his material and his audience. The results brought consistent laughs throughout his set and a well-deserved standing ovation at the end.

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