Hope - Gerry Shannon

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Fringe Reviewer

In the description for "Hope, a Theatrical Dance," creator Gerry Shannon says, "Can two dancers entertain an audience for 45 minutes?" The answer is a definite yes. This performance will not only entertain viewers but will likely put a smile on their faces. The show tells the story of a long-term relationship through different dance styles choreographed to modern pop songs. At times the dancers move together and dance apart, mimicking the ups and downs of the relationship. Seamless on-stage costume changes add variety to the performance.

The choreography successfully conveyed a story arc, raw emotion, and a subtle sweetness. Audiences will get swept up in the movement and the story. The chemistry between the dancers was authentic, and their joy was palpable. This heartfelt performance will capture audiences with its humor but surprise audiences with its tenderness. Viewers will leave with a range of emotions wrapped in a bundle of hope.

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