Kansas City’s Oldest Living Comedian - David G. Scott

Reviewed By Kat Whalen

Kansas City’s self-proclaimed “Oldest Living Comedian," David G. Scott, presents an evening of 'clean' comedy at this year's Festival.. Consisting mainly of clever word play and stories, this was a very enjoyable evening for those looking for a light, not terribly taxing evening.

Scott is an experienced standup comic, and it shows. He is very comfortable in front of an audience, easily engages in banter, and encourages audience participation. The audience skewed a bit older at the performance this reviewer saw, but there were also children present who, while they may not have understood everything, clearly enjoyed sone of the more straight-forward jokes. (Question—'What do you call a frozen waffle on a beach in California?')

Scott excels at "bits," which only become funnier the longer they last. He does a set on reading street signs that had this reviewer laughing almost non-stop, though any individual sign reading would not have been more than mildly amusing. The single funniest section was an extended riff on what would happen if an acting coach replaced a high school baseball coach. Players became actors, the umpire a critic, etc. This bit alone is worth the price of admission. Less effective, perhaps, was his conflation of marital and martial arts training. Spouse-attacking humor doesn't seem in style nowadays, and this reviewer hasn't missed it.

This was one of the relatively few Fringe offerings appropriate for children and families, enjoyable for all.

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