Keebles Family Cabaret - The Keebles

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Get ready for chaotic fun from a mother-daughter comedy duo, Aimee and Brenda German. Playing five members of the Keebles family, they take audiences on a funky hillbilly journey. From a game of hangman to a mini-bike performance to a song about hot nuts, this pair keeps viewers guessing.

Audiences will feel like they are guests in the Keebles' kitchen as different family members emerge from behind a curtain to entertain while baking dessert. Good old country songs accompanied by a toy piano are their staple as well as audience participation. The pair excel at playing off the crowd and putting volunteers in silly situations. The "Keebles Family Cabaret" is a good show to bring a date or a family member and then volunteer them to be on stage.

Come join the fun. As the description says, "It's like nuthing ya ain't neva seen before!"