Leland Loves Bigfoot - Stewart Huff

Reviewed By Jackie Denning

Fringe Reviewer

What do moonshine smashed pennies and possums all have in common ? They are all topics that Stewart Huff covers in his one -man show “Leland Loves Bigfoot. ” Originally from Kentucky, Huff is a stand up comedian and has a natural and engaging storytelling style.

Huff fills the stage with a gravelly John Goodman twang and strong gestures. He weaves in stories of exasperating confrontations with humans with his tale of Leland and the search for Bigfoot. He does not shy away from stressful topics yet the show remains positive and upbeat. Huff knows how to work an audience and the audience responded with lots of laughter.

Huff's desire for proof of Bigfoot is perfect for the Show-me State. He filled the large room with his passionate ideas and the audience followed his arguments, often nodding in agreement.

"Leland Loves Bigfoot" is an entertaining and thought-provoking hour of storytelling by an engaging comic storyteller.

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