Leland Loves Bigfoot - Stewart Huff

Reviewed By Kelly Luck

Fringe Reviewer

Picture this: you’re in a bar in a tiny little town in the middle of Nowhere, KY, and a guy asks if you want to come out to his place and look for Bigfoot. If you’re Stewart Huff, the answer is a resounding "Hell, Yes!" In this comic monologue performance, Mr. Huff pays loving tribute to his “characters,” people who live at a cockeyed angle to reality. As a comedian for some 20-odd years, he has spent a lot of time stepping out of his comfort zone, and has come to tell us all about it. The result is sometimes bizarre, sometimes infuriating, often funny, and never ever boring. He also spends a little time talking about the great rift between Americans right now, and offers his own insights on a wound that sometimes seems irreparable.

The show has a casual, relaxed feel. It’s less like a formal theatrical performance and more like pulling up a barstool next to someone and finding them to be a gifted and enormously entertaining raconteur. All in all a very enjoyable show from an accomplished comedian and storyteller.

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