My Left Boob - Mandee McKelvey

Reviewed By Kelly Luck

Fringe Reviewer

One of the things that makes Fringe truly special is audiences get to see performances they'd be unlikely to see elsewhere. Such a show is Mandee McKelvey’s “My Left Boob,” a sort of comic monologue about growing up poor and isolated in South Carolina. Her adolescence complicated her life to an extraordinary level; of course, adolescence complicates things for everyone, but not like this. It is also to a large degree the story of the adults in her life, about the times they let her down, and the times they pulled off absolute miracles.

Ms McKelvey is a very entertaining storyteller. She keeps the story going, has great timing, and the laughs come one after another. But at the core is a very serious message about trust, the desire to conform, and going with your gut. Definitely worth a watch.

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