Premier - Kansas City Dance Collective

Reviewed By Isaac Robinson

Fringe Reviewer

A fitting title as this is the Kansas City Dance Collective’s debut recital, "Premier" offers a varied collection of dances from multiple local choreographers. The key element of "Premier" is variety, with different dance styles and music. Each dancer is granted a moment to shine, even giving a young boy in the opening piece some well-choreographed solo and partner work. There are plenty of genre fusions in each piece of choreography, ranging from elegantly dramatic contemporary to tightly knit tap sections. Combined with those previous elements is the concept each piece presents, crossing multiple emotional ranges that are appropriate for all audiences. Whether it be representing the colors of red and blue as different shades of choreography in Super Nova or the dismantling of the patriarchy on Breaking Glass, every dance in "Premier" is conceptually diverse and fit each style of dance.

This is the kind of recital that profiles Kansas City's broad diversity. "Premier" will leave audiences excited and anticipating Kansas City Dance Collective's next performance.

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