Road Trip! with The KC Improv Company - The KC Improv Company

Reviewed By Dave Schrag

Fringe Reviewer

Improv comedy is always a “live without a net” undertaking. The risk is the point, of course, with the reward being the positive feedback when a split-second leap lands with audience laughter. The KC Improv Company, represented by Connor, Michael, Morgan, Nick, and Tim, took the necessary risks and survived the high-wire act, although not without some missteps. The cast were at their best when garnering laughs during short improv games, such as their opening rhyming song. A “changing the TV station” activity, and a “world’s worst” bit also garnered consistent laughter. All of these were driven by suggestions from the audience, and the cast members cleverly and spontaneously rose to the occasion. One example was when an audience member suggested “getting laid” as an activity cue. Morgan hilariously greeted Connor with an “Aloha” as she placed an imaginary lei around his neck.

Things dragged just a bit when the cast were given parameters from the audience for a sketch depicting a “road trip”. The crew gamely pretended to be headed to an art museum, with various in-vehicle shenanigans and stops-along-the-way misadventures, but this particular bit went on for too long. The “road trip” segment might have been more effective with a reset half-way through.

The KC Improv Company finished strong with a pun-heavy “walks into a bar” joke game, allowing the comedians to play to their strengths with quick bursts of improv.

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