Shapes of Love - Potluck Productions

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

Fringe Reviewer

In Potluck Productions' Fringe entry, three short plays are bundled together with the common theme of love: a Vietnam-era game of hearts and petty revenge; the worst poltergeist roommate; and a childhood sweetheart’s return to love after not realizing anyone can be found on Facebook these days.

Each performer brings life to their distinct character with an engaging stage presence. Seeing them enjoy inhabiting their character makes them genuinely enjoyable to watch. The ensemble worked well together in fleshing out the relationships, but when emotions were high the performances felt somewhat superficial and forced.

The driving message for each play is clearly executed and accessible to the audience; each play hits its mark. Primarily story-driven plots provide entertainment but at the expense of depth with little or no character development. One casting choice, in particular, created a not entirely believable age difference that, through no fault of the performer, hindered immersion into the scene.

Leslie Revelle Zucker plays the show’s intro, outro, and transitions between the different plays, imbuing the performance with a homey atmosphere. Costumes are chosen with care to match the time period. Props are not mere backdrops to add flavor but are regularly interacted with during all three plays.

These slice-of-life stories provide a pleasant distraction. The stories are amusing and there are a few heartfelt moments, but nothing surprising. With capable acting and familiar writing, this is a snackable show that won't fill you up.

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