Short Films II - IFCKC

Reviewed By Dave Schrag

The Independent Filmmaker's Coalition of Kansas City (IFCKC) put together an entertaining lineup of short films for viewing on July 17 at the Stray Cat Film Center. While it was occasionally evident that the filmmakers may have been working with limited budgets, creativity and talent prevailed, with something for everyone in the listing.

"A Terrible Plan" and "The Things We Do For Love" were some of the comedy entries. "A Terrible Plan" offered a funny take on workplace tension, while "The Things We Do For Love" used a 1950s-era setting, along with dialog riddled with double-entendres, to portray marital tension between a buttoned-up husband and seemingly-doting wife.

In the horror category, "Stigmatized" told the story of a young couple's purchase of a house with issues. The use of odd camera angles and occasional black-and-white footage added to the creepy atmosphere. "Grammy", the shortest film of the set, used impressive makeup effects to reveal another side to a little girl's grandma.

Perhaps the evening's most emotional moment came from "It's Moroccan", a love story with a surprising twist.

"Jane" was the most polished of the films, and was actually a music video tribute to the thousands of girls and women who go missing every year.

"Short Films From the IFCKC" showcased some of the creative filmmaking talent in the Kansas City area, and demonstrated that good storytelling can come in a variety of packages.

Sue Vicory – “Jane”
Wendell Simmons – “It's Moroccan”
Jeevan Dhaker – “Charlie the Chicken”
Brandon Clasen – “Stigmatized”
Gordon Lamb – “A Terrible Plan”
Jill Gevargizian – “Grammy” & “Call Me Snake”
Corey Weibel – “The Things We Do For Love”

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