Short Films II - IFCKC

Reviewed By Dan Mroz

The IFCKC showing of eight short films on Sunday (7/17) was much like a box of chocolates-- not all may suit one’s taste, but one or more will likely be savored.

The set began with the highly polished “Jane” which appears to have been done in support of a country music song about missing abducted women. “Jane” sets exceedingly high expectations for the following shorts with its crisp cinematography and excellent production.

“It’s Moroccan” arguably meets these expectations with a fleshed-out compelling storyline about love, a captive past and a possible future as it conveys universal themes.

On the other hand, “Charlie the Chicken” felt emotionally manipulative and with its predictable ending, was gratefully short.

“Stigmatized” is a horror-esque suspense that successfully transported this viewer into the traumatized lives of an unsuspecting couple.

“A Terrible Plan” is a delightful, well-executed, quickly-paced comedic escapade of multiple co-workers planning and executing a terrible plan to bring down a highly lauded coworker. Although ending fairly conventionally, it never failed to deliver a smile.

“Grammy” is a quick short built upon suspense and intrigue that takes us to an unexpected reveal.

The quirky “Call me Snake” keeps interest in the traditional “make-out scene in a car” with some foreshadowing and by the young woman’s unyielding desire to know a deep secret from the young man – the ending is worth the wait.

Lastly, “The Things We Do For Love” was specifically called out by the night’s emcee as being described by its creator as a bad film and in need of a roast – the audience was requested to cast verbal barbs during its viewing. Set in the 1950s, it portrays the disintegration of a marriage through forced conversation at a dinner table and an unexplained perplexing action taken by the wife. Perhaps the requested roast was deserved.

Sue Vicory – “Jane”
Wendell Simmons – “It's Moroccan”
Jeevan Dhaker – “Charlie the Chicken”
Brandon Clasen – “Stigmatized”
Gordon Lamb – “A Terrible Plan”
Jill Gevargizian – “Grammy”
“Call Me Snake”
Corey Weibel – “The Things We Do For Love”

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