Spooky &Gay Cabaret - Bruce Ryan Costella

Reviewed By Kelly Luck

Fringe Reviewer

Veteran Fringers who saw Bruce Costella’s “Muttnik” know him for a compelling and entertaining storyteller. In this offering, he brings something different: a mixed bag of stories, songs, and comedy bits all more-or-less related to Halloween and most dealing with (or having protagonists from) the LGBT community. The stories are easily the best part: Mr. Costella has created some compelling tales, with just the right amount of suspense. The comedy bits were perhaps not quite so consistent, though this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the “There is a hell…” monologue. But without doubt the highlight of the evening is “The Masque of the Pink Death,”, in which the early years of the AIDS crisis and the indifference of those in charge is retold in the style of Poe’s classic parable.

There were some technical glitches (including the loss of the remote for the sound cues), and the Westport Bowery is perhaps not the best venue for a performance that depends on darkness, but these quibbles are minor and did little to impact the overall enjoyment of the show.

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