Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fair(L)y Stoopid Tales - Cyclopedic Productions

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

Fringe Reviewer

There may be other kids shows at Fringe, but none will be "cheddar" than this one, silly mashup of traditional fairy tales akin to classic Saturday morning cartoons with jokes for young and old alike. Characters directly address the children in the audience to include them as part of the show, giving the performance a sense of interactivity.

The casting was top notch and everyone worked together to fill their particular roles well with a few notable standouts. The physical antics and expressive emotions of Joshua Barner’s (Jack) make them the perfect narrator to guide the show. Jenna Speer’s (Cinderella) gorgeous singing voice and sharp tongue are an absoulte delight. With a surprising tenderness, Tommy Waller (Stinky Cheese Man) brings an unbridled joy and enthusiasm to the role.

The show is filled with outlandish costumes (Stinky Cheese head for the win) and goofy sound effects. Puppets even make an appearance for characters that require an extra fantastical dimension. The music volume was unfortunately too loud and the singing was often difficult to hear clearly.

Overall, a great kid-friendly show with enough “Dad Jokes” and pop culture references that adults won't regret attending. There’s a youthful quality to the show, letting everyone be a child again for a short time.

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