The Broken Penis Story - Joey Rinaldi

Reviewed By Dave Schrag

Fringe reviewer

It’s been said that the middle school years are what most of us spend the rest of our lives getting over. Joey Rinaldi’s 8th grade experience went way beyond most, however, and he recounts it to consistently funny effect in his standup comedy act, “The Broken Penis Story.” Rinaldi is a confident and engaging storyteller, with an excellent sense of timing. He is also adept at using mood and pacing to garner maximum laughs.

While telling the tale of how his penis became broken (some cringeworthy moments but nothing over-the-top graphic), Rinaldi also discusses his experiences in special education classes, drama club, and the questioning skepticism that got him kicked out of Catholic school. While Rinaldi consistently garnered laughs, some of the best moments of his set surprisingly and touchingly stemmed from his obvious affection for his mother. It’s a tribute to his comic sense that these were also some of his funniest. “The Broken Penis Story” is a coming-of-age story, and in the hands of Joey Rinaldi, a funny and sometimes-emotional look back at an awkward time in life.

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