The Year of Sluttery - Scarlett d. Jones

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Fringe Reviewer

First appearing on stage in a conservative button-up teal dress, Scarlett d. Jones proudly announces, "I escaped the Ozarks b****es." That phrase sets the tone for the rest of her show as Scarlett launches into a series of tales as a newly single woman in "The Year of Sluttery." From beer and sports TV with "Hoppy Sporty-Sport" to an encounter with "Sexy Lips" at a coffee shop, Scarlet navigates all the dating apps while writing her memoir and re-discovering her self-confidence. Scarlett says good riddance to the self that was the former president of the local chapter of The Future Homemakers of America and hello to her childhood female empowerment role model, Mary Tyler Moore.

Scarlett's clever storytelling adds humor to her sexy adventures. Costume changes provide visual variety and set the mood for her erotic encounters. The "10th & Baltimore Tango" serves as a chorus providing sexy foreshadowing of the slutty adventures.

Anyone that has gone through a divorce late in life and has struggled to navigate the modern dating scene will relate to this show. The roundup of the Kansas City men will make viewers laugh but seeing Scarlett discover her brand of feminism is what the audience will remember. Well, that and Prince A.

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