Things They Won’t Let Me Say On The Radio - Bill Clause

Reviewed By Dave Schrag

After watching Bill Clause's funny film "Things They Won't Let Me Say on the Radio," viewers may not look at Kansas City's Liberty Memorial in quite the same way again. The playright, radio host, and comedian uses clever wordplay to gently skewer the design of the iconic post-World War I structure, suggesting that its phallic resemblance is a logical symbol for the masculine nature of war. It's an observation that is at once both funny and thought-provoking, much like the rest of his material.

The local landmark is one of several topics covered by the affable, folksy Clause, who was filmed while seated with only a guitar, hat, and display stand as props. Clause isn't afraid to tread into R-rated territory, such as his hilarious dissection of the sometimes-contradictory nature of the "F" word. Despite his sometimes-edgy material, Clause never settles for cheap laughter from the audience, thanks to his insightful wit.

In addition to his monologues, Clause sprinkles several self-written songs into his performance. Best of the bunch is a comical country-western-style tune about his career as a bureaucrat at the Social Security Administration. Throughout "Things They Won't Let Me Say on the Radio," the clever Clause chronicles his journey from libertarian to liberal, all while successfully mining the metamorphosis for laughs.

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