Things They Won’t Let Me Say On The Radio - Bill Clause

Reviewed By Dan Mroz

“What a long strange trip it’s been…” is my lingering sentiment after enjoying Bill Clause describe his coming of age during the 60’s and his life since. That's only a fraction of what Bill dares to share of his idiosyncratic mind and experiences through a series of vignettes. Bill provides his perspective on our use of language (what is vulgar), the 60’s counterculture, war and its monuments, songs of the labor movement, and more. Closing my eyes, I can imagine being in Bill’s living room as I listen…his plaintive homey delivery draws me in. The spirits of George Carlin and Arlo Guthrie seem to hover over Bill’s commentary. My one quibble is the abrupt departure from Bill’s laid back delivery when an angry recovering addict takes over the storytelling and expounds upon his relationship with the 12-step program – the expressed anger and hostility was jarring and disruptive to Clause's laid back temperament and delivery. But this is an interesting and strangely compelling piece of personal filmmaking.

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