Visual Arts - KC Fringe Festival Visual Arts Group Show

Reviewed By Jackie Denning

During a very hot summer, this "cool" group show of professional and emerging visual artists at Union Station is worth a visit.

Visitors are greeted by a fun wooden painted superhero figure by #kcartangels with a fire wing on one side and an angel wing on the other. You can make a Fringe memory and take a photo with your face inside.

Martin Pope’s work consists of abstract paintings on canvas with nice white drawings on top of them. They feel like a puzzle that could be solved.

Stone Addam’s limited edition ceramic cityscape reliefs of Union Station really stand out. He took an impression from an image taken in 2019. He spent two years working on how to create a ceramic plate with the details good enough to push into clay. Each one is unique because the glazes vary. Each panel is a relic.

There are photographic nature prints on aluminum by Roger Cissner. They have no frames giving them a sleek appearance.

The sculptural collages by Duchess were made with wood, metal, plastic, dice, chain, charms, bones, crystals and more exotic things. The items are arranged in a pleasing symmetrical way in gilded frames. They look a bit mystical. Some resemble a charm.

Jiim Mathis displayed a series of dreamlike photos taken in the winter of 1982 and 83 in Paris. They are permanent ink on canvas. They are quite beautiful and ethereal. This series of photos remain his favorite even though they have traveled to Paris numerous times since.

CKD’Amico has an array of work. His shack acrylic inks on clayboard are fantastic. They convey a denseness and loneliness to them. All of the homes look abandoned. He also manipulated large photos of Union Station, Western Auto and Liberty Memorial. A silhouette of a soldier stands in front of Liberty Memorial. It is a striking piece. The metallic prints make them glisten. He enhanced one photo using a crumpled up paper sack. There are a few hand cut wall hangings that are meant for the window that are quite nice.They're intricately cut out of a beige fabric material. They would cast an interesting shadow on the floor.

@DINCK’s booth has many colorful spray-painted canvases enhanced with markers. His graffiti street art influence is very apparent in this work.

Craig Midrexier works with cosmic neon black light reactive paintings which draw the viewer into the image.

Bryan Colley painted parts of his own house once a month for inspiration and has created a kind of meditation on nature and place.

There are vibrant framed photos of Drag Kings by Sandy Woodson. They were taken at a Drag King Academy hosted by Hamburger Mary's.

The neon art by MOMUS STL lights up a panel. These neon pieces were done by a group from St Louis.

This large and varied group show also includes outstanding work by Mei Li, Katheryn Krouse, Ace Lovelace, Melissa Hawkes,Shawna Pena Downing, Susana Bruhn, Details jewelry, Meghan Young, Marian Clare Studios, Leslie Hubble, Ellen Creed,and Carol Branson.

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