We’re All Friends - Jeremy Segal

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

Fringe Reviewer

We don’t want to admit it, but we all lie to ourselves about how we’re doing. Through a combination of stand-up and storytelling, Jeremy Segal opens up about handling life with depression, the challenge of making new friends, and the journey of finding true personal connections.

The comedy bits were fine and felt distinctly different from the storytelling. Hopping from one funny anecdote to the next, transitions are often abrupt and sometimes make the narrative thread difficult to follow. Jokes are all well-rehearsed and smooth but often fall flat. Oversaturated lighting at times brought a distracting amount of color to the stage without adding to the content.

The storytelling aspect is by far the strongest part of this performance. Segal’s sharing of personal struggles and internal fears are ones everyone can relate to; few of us are brave enough to share them publicly. Those moments of vulnerability have a real depth of emotion that pulls the audience in, encouraging us to join him in this introspection and self-growth.

Unfortunately, these intimate moments are too few. Segal is at his best when not trying for laughs and instead striving to reveal a glimpse of our shared humanity. This reviewer wishes these had been the show's focus because there is true power in his message.

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