You are Here - Abby Bland

Reviewed By Kelly Luck

Fringe Reviewer

Ms Bland bills the show as a blend of poetry and stand up comedy. In truth, it is mostly poetry with a few jokes sprinkled in. This is by no means a bad thing. Abby Bland is an accomplished wordsmith, having in only a few years made her presence known on the national and international stage. In “You Are Here”, she presents a retrospective of sorts, taking us back and forth through her works. She speaks on many topics over the course of the show, but has particular focus on the commodification of female bodies and the endless no-win traps laid out for young women in this world.

A quick word on the performance: Ms Bland comes from the world of poetry slams, and as such the audience carries over from that world. Expect rather more finger snaps and vocal responses from the audience than you would normally get. It can be a bit jarring for one unused to the scene, but the viewer is advised to go along with it, and enjoy the vibe.

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