2 Mimes in a Pod - Byrd Productions Physical Theater

Reviewed By Kelly Luck

Dean Hatton and Beth Byrd-Lonski first met several years ago in a mime class, where they learned their craft under the tutelage of no less than Marcel Marceau. Since that time, they have each gone off to explore the art form in their own ways, occasionally coming together in a shared performance. Such a show is “2 Mimes in a Pod”. It is essentially a revue, with the two performers alternating solo pieces on stage.

Mr. Hatton’s performances tend to be comical character vignettes. He is a very apt performer, excellent at use of body language and facial expressions. This reviewer’s personal favorite segment was “The Psychiatrist”, inwhich a therapist reluctantly faces another day of listening to other peoples’ problems.

Ms. Byrd-Lonski’s works were somewhat more abstract, favoring evocative performances set to music. These were less inclined to the comic but were quite engrossing on their own terms. While the highlight of her half was the final, “Ceremonial Sticks”, this reviewer’s personal favorite would have to be “Trapped”, a very powerful performance that had the audience cheering.

Hatton & Byrd-Lonski come at mime with two very different approaches, but between them give the audience a fascinating look at what may be done with the art form. The show is suitable for all ages and is recommended for anyone who wishes to see two performers in mastery of their technique.

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