Becoming Baba Yaga - Laura Packer, storyteller

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

"Becoming Baba Yaga" by Laura Packer is an enchanting storytelling show that weaves childhood magic from the old country with her unique mythology of growing up. With dark and delicious undertones, Packer's words transport the audience through the senses, immersing them in the sound of snowy footsteps and familiar scents of cherished relatives. Like a comforting cup of tea, her stories wrap the audience in warmth, leaving them yearning for more.

Packer's masterful storytelling skillfully ages familiar tales, adding complex adult flavors that refreshingly deviate from American fairy tales. The show alternates between these timeless stories and Packer's personal tales, creating a captivating narrative that culminates in a spellbinding merging of fantasy and reality. Each chapter ends on a cliffhanger, making the performance as binge-worthy as any streaming show at home.

With a warm and welcoming demeanor, Packer holds the audience in her thrall throughout the performance. Her smooth and polished delivery further elevates the experience, drawing the audience into her intimate connection with nature and the world around her.

"Becoming Baba Yaga" goes beyond traditional storytelling; it encourages introspection, urging the audience to look within themselves for questions and answers. Packer's tales not only entertain but also inspire reflection, as she both seeks and receives guidance in seemingly impossible situations.

"Becoming Baba Yaga" is a mesmerizing journey of stories, mythologies, and self-discovery. Laura Packer's artistry and intimate connection with her tales create an immersive experience that leaves the audience yearning for more. This enchanting show deftly bridges the gap between fantasy and reality, inviting the audience to explore the meeting of worlds in a truly captivating performance A word of warning: look inside yourself for questions and be ready to ask them, for you will surely leave this show with answers.

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