Cody Lindenberger: Uber Lawyer - Cody Lindenberger

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

"Uber Lawyer" is Cody Lindenberger's humorous recounting of his journey from lawyer to Uber driver. Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, Lindenberger dons a KU-embroidered Adidas tracksuit, his local charm resonating with the Kansas City audience. Blending stand-up comedy, storytelling, and multimedia, he brings to life the unique world of an Uber driver.

His performance is peppered with anecdotes from his odd-job past and his unusual experiences with Uber passengers. He offers insider Uber advice, like key questions every Uber driver should consider and the two types of people who really should be driving an Uber. While these Uber-centric tales captivate, peripheral stories, though amusing, dilute the show's focus. More Uber tales would make for a more unique and coherent performance.

Despite this, "Uber Lawyer" still serves as an entertaining cautionary tale for passengers: be careful what you say in an Uber, as it might end up in a comedy show. Lindenberger's transformation from lawyer to Uber driver offers an engaging, if slightly scattered, ride worth hopping on.

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