Connect | Disconnect - Nick Mangiaracina

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

"Connect | Disconnect" is a high-tempo, thought-provoking experience, presenting a series of poetry and personal stories without missing a beat. Nick Mangiaracina's rapid-fire delivery, while occasionally overwhelming, lends a comedic stream-of-consciousness charm to some stories, generating genuine laughs and connecting with the audience.


Amidst the fast-paced delivery, there are some beautifully crafted words that deserve more room to shine. The poetry pieces, in particular, could have benefitted from a slower pace, allowing the audience to savor the emotional depth and the beauty of everyday life that Mangiaracina touches upon.


The show's personal stories are the undeniable highlight, as they offer intimate glimpses into Mangiaracina's life and experiences. These tales resonate on a universal level, centering on the theme of relationships in the digital era. While the social commentary and metaphors occasionally veer towards heavy-handedness, the authentic connection with the audience remains intact.


Mangiaracina's strength lies in painting vivid pictures of thoughts and feelings, especially during the story moments. His talent for crafting engaging anecdotes shines through, eliciting genuine laughter and creating a relatable atmosphere.


Although the delivery feels rushed and transitions are absent, the content's genuineness manages to break through. Mangiaracina's willingness to share his work and experiences deserves applause, even if there is room for refinement in the delivery.


"Connect | Disconnect" is a spirited and interesting show that captures the essence of human experience. Mangiaracina's personal stories and comedic moments light up the stage, while the poetry pieces might have been enhanced with a more contemplative approach. Despite the show's minor flaws, Mangiaracina's candidness and authentic storytelling make "Connect | Disconnect" an engaging experience.

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