Diary of a Wimpy Comedian - Griffin Sciarra

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

Griffin Sciarra, hailing from Indiana, captivates with his show, "Diary of a Wimpy Comedian." His humor, deeply rooted in his Midwestern background, permeates stories ranging from his zoo janitor escapades to an unfortunate date in Venice and a near-mugging. His approach effortlessly bridges the gap between performer and audience, making everyone feel part of his story.

Sciarra's interaction with the audience is exceptional, pulling them into his narrative without forcing participation. This skill shines particularly bright when he quips, "If you get this, you are cool," making this reviewer feel unexpectedly trendy and sparking shared laughter throughout the room.

His humorous anecdotes about his grandad, past odd jobs, and childhood friends are fresh and original, making the performance feel less like a staged show and more like an evening spent with a hilarious friend. "Diary of a Wimpy Comedian" is a unique blend of comedy and storytelling, underscoring Griffin Sciarra as a young comedian to watch. Be sure not to miss this delightful, humorous journey at the Kansas City Fringe!

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