Dreaming Machine - Confluence Dance Theatre Company

Reviewed By Karen Staehling

"Dreaming Machine," by the Confluence Theatre Company, is a mesmerizing performance that combines the metaphysical with the emotional through the unique medium of Butoh dance. This distinctive art form, characterized by its contorted movements and painstakingly crafted physicality, can be experienced in all its intensity during the show. Expect to witness dancers shaking on demand, joints distorted, and muscles stretched to their limits.

A wide range of props enhances the performance, including glowing balls, mirrors, and traditional Japanese Tengu geta sandals, which contribute to the dreamlike atmosphere and further push the Butoh form to new extremes. The performers' slow, exaggerated movements, combined with elements of self-reflection and surrealism, draw in the audience, offering a rich, thought-provoking experience. If you're looking for a unique fusion of dance and theatre, see "Dreaming Machine."

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