Exes & Embryos: A Comedy - Mandee McKelvey

Reviewed By Stephanie Bonnett

McKelvey’s disarming smile and self-deprecating humor are enough to make you like her and want her show to go well within the first 5 minutes. Before she’s really even had time to say much of anything! Luckily for all involved, her shows DO go well as evidenced by her best of venue award in 2022 and the spice she served up at The Bird Comedy Theater this weekend.

Throughout her new show “Exes & Embryos: A Comedy by Mandee McKelvey”, Mandee weaves her story back and forth and around multiple story lines, garnering well-wishers for all of them. The central theme, however, is about the generous offer Mandee received from a friend and the thought process she went through to understand what it meant and how it fit into her life. Or didn’t.

In her sweet southern drawl, Mandee’s filthy mouth will surprise and probably delight you. And if not. Well. You can’t say she didn’t warn you.

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